Introducing Tarator; a modern fast-dining service concept aimed at delivering great taste and quality food to Middle Eastern cuisine lovers at affordable prices.  Using the highest quality of ingredients and traditional recipes with a modern twist, Tarator is the perfect answer to one of the most common questions, "what's for lunch today?"

Tarator offers a delivery only menu that best fits todays lifestyle.  With a sumptuous menu of falafel, salads, shawarma, grills and more ordering from Tarator is easy and incredibly convenient.


Another Brand From

Hospitality Ventures

Hospitality Ventures Company (HVC) is the exclusive franchisee of Tarator in Saudi Arabia. HVC is a Zahid Group company based in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.  HVC is the Kingdom's exclusive franchisee of some of the region's most recognised casual dining and catering brands, these include: Casper & Gambini's, Bab Idris, Let's Poke and Silverspoon. Find out more about Hospitality Ventures.


Ordering Is Easy

Given our commitment to convenience and speed, we've made ordering very easy via third party delivery APPs.  Today you can order directly from Lugmety or Careem Now and we promise that more delivery APPs are being added to make it even easier for you to enjoy our high quality, good taste menu.


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  • Tarator Salad: 15sar

  • Tabboule: 15sar

  • Fattoush: 15sar

  • French Fries Box: 8sar

  • French Fries Sandwich: 7sar

  • Hummus: 12sar

  • Moutabbal Batenjen: 12sar

  • Tarator: 2sar

  • Coleslaw: 5sar

  • Garlic Pate: 3sar


  • Half Chicken (Regular or Spicy): 25sar

  • 6 Chicken Wings (Regular or Spicy): 18sar


  • Falafel Sandwich: 6sar

  • Special Falafel Sandwich: 9sar

  • Falafel Plain Platter (6 pieces): 5sar

  • Falafel Plain Platter (12 pieces): 9sar

  • Falafel with Vegetables Platter (6 pieces): 8sar

  • Falafel with Vegetables Platter (12 pieces): 12sar


  • Chargrilled Half Chicken: 28sar

  • Chargrilled Whole Chicken: 48sar

  • Taouk Sandwich: 12sar

  • Taouk Platter: 24sar

  • Kafta Sandwich: 12sar

  • Kafta Platter: 24sar

  • Kebab Sandwich: 12sar

  • Kebab Platter: 24sar


  • Chicken Shawarma Sandwich: 9sar

  • Chicken Shawarma Platter: 24sar

  • Chicken Shawarma (half kilogram): 60sar

  • Chicken Shawarma (one kilogram): 89sar


  • Orange Juice: 9sar

  • Carrot Juice: 9sar

  • Lemonade: 9sar

  • Minted Lemonade: 9sar

  • Soft Drink: 4sar

  • Small Mineral Water: 3sar

  • Large Mineral Water: 5sar

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